A fresh new way to test your knowledge!

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bobbl QUIZ is turning the quiz world on its head. In this fast-paced, multi-player game, you will challenge your friends, family, colleagues, or anonymous other players to see who can remove all of the wrong answers the fastest.

Who can remove the wrong answers the fastest? And who can remove the most wrong answers? This game is sure to become the most action-packed quiz game you’ve ever played. Strategize on whether you want to move the fastest or the most methodically. The winner will be the one who perfectly masters the combination of the two.

Even though this is a competition among friends, all players will get a running tally of their points. That means, if you lose to a friend, you still have a chance of claiming a spot on the leader board. 

Our team created over 200 different categories with over 150 questions in each. There are also 1,000 questions in several super categories that you can challenge others with.

If you thought it was challenging to beat your uncle in the category about World War 2 or politics, challenge him back by choosing a topic you know more about, such as Disney, football, or other topics of interest.

bobbl QUIZ — an entirely new way to test your knowledge against your friends and family.

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